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Life Insurance

The objectives of all Life Insurance plans are to make up for the financial loss to the family in the event of unfortunate death to the Assured and for old age provision. Farsighted, broad minded and unselfish people who really care for the dependents and family execute Life Insurance plans. The motive of Insurance is not to make profit out of ones death but to rescue the family from financial crises.

Some useful tips of Life Insurance

 Insure at a young age to lock in affordable rates and enjoy being insured for a longer duration.

 Policy lapses after the due date but a grace period is allowed as follows:

  • 15 days for Monthly and SSS modes of payment.
  • 30 days for Quaterly, Half-yearly and Yearly modes of payment

 Revival of a lapsed policy can be done anytime within a period of five (5) years from the date of lapsation of a       policy with the following conditions:

  • Lapsed for more than six months- Fill up a Declaration of Good Health Form- Revival Form (Form available from RICB offices).
  • Lapsed for more than twelve months- Fill up a Declaration of Good Health Form- Revival Form along with a Medical Examiner's Form- Doctor examines you (Forms available from RICB offices)

 When a policy is in lapsed status, life cover is not allowed. Kindly update your policies to enjoy all the benefits      of being a Life Insurance Policyholder.

 Female Proposal cannot be insured after six months of pregnancy but may be accepted under lien (50% sum      assured in case of claim within one year of policy inception) with full pregnancy report if regnant below six       months.

 Avail the facilities of getting SMS alerts in your cell phones by updating your numbers with the RICB       office. For correspondences to reach you, kindly intimate us your current mailing addresses.


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